Bishop's office

The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel, 3rd

Bishop Provisional

(215) 627-6434

The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel

Assisting Bishop

(215) 627-6434

The Rt. Rev. Edward L. Lee, Jr.

Assisting Bishop

(610) 949-9429

The Rev. Lucy S. L. Amerman

Canon to the Ordinary for Pastoral Services

215-627-6434, ext. 109

The Rev. Nancy Deming

Canon to the Ordinary for Congregational Care and Development

215-627-6434, ext. 191

Linda Hollingsworth

Executive Assistant to the Bishop

(215) 627-6434 x108

Liliana Gravagno

Assistant to the Bishop's Secretary

(215) 627-6434 x101

Mark Klinger

Assistant to the Canons to the Ordinary

(215) 627-6434 x103

The Rev. Lloyd H. Winter

Chaplain to the Retired Clergy, Spouses/Partners, Widows, and Widowers

(267) 981-6157

The Rev. James Ley


(610) 455-1037

The Ven. Pamela M. Nesbit


(215) 627-6434

Mary E. Kohart


(215) 977-1073

Henry Carnes

Director of Education and Communications

(215) 627-6434 x110

J.D. Lafrance

Administrative and Communications Assistant

(215) 627-6434 x151

Finance & Administration

Canon Rob Rogers

Canon for Financial Administration

(215) 627-6434 x145

Earl Irby


(215) 627-6434 x126

Jennie Paddy

Accounts Payable Manager

(215) 627-6434 x118

Sean McCauley

Property Manager

(215) 627-6434 x181

Mark Davis

IT Support Manager

(215) 627-6434 x113

Transition Ministry

Canon Jill Mathis

Canon for Transition Ministry

(215) 627-6434 x102

Marcia White

Assistant for Ordinations and Transition Ministry

(215) 627-6434 x111

Youth Ministry

Andrew Kellner

Canon for Youth and Family Ministries

(215) 776-3283

Lindsay Barrett-Adler

Associate for Young Adult Ministries

(215) 215-776-6980

Victoria Hoppes

Associate for Youth and Camping Ministries

(215) 776-5686

The Church Foundation

R. Alan Lindsay

Executive Vice President, The Church Foundation

(215) 627-6434 x 127

Judy Gorski

Executive Assistant to The Church Foundation

(215) 627-6434 x130

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