Seamen's Church Institute

Providing for those...that provide so much to each of us

From its earliest days as a floating chapel to its present operation as a full-service shore based agency, SCI has been serving the special needs of the world's merchant mariners and the maritime industry as they labor to provide 90% of the products we use each day.

SCI serves the 28 terminals that span 120 miles of coastline along the Delaware River. While independently funded by donor support, we are part of a worldwide network of seafarer centers caring for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all races and creeds, visiting them on their ships, offering them a welcome, helping them to keep in touch with their families, visiting them in hospital, and taking up justice, and welfare issues on their behalf.

We Provide:

  • Active participation within the maritime community
  • Advisors on port security issues
  • Hospitality to over 60,000 international seafarers annually
  • Communications with family & friends
  • Education, advocacy, & assistance on justice & social issues
  • Spiritual welfare regardless of faith

The Seamen's Church Institute of Philadelphia & South Jersey

475 N. 5th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

General Office
fax 215-922-0737

Seafarer Services

Executive Director
The Rev. Canon Dr. Peter B. Stube

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