A Letter from the Nominations Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

The Nominations Committee is actively seeking candidates for the Finance Committee, the Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits (CCCEB), Deputies to General Convention, the Diocesan Disciplinary Board, the Nominations Committee, and the Standing Committee.

The Nominating Committee is seeking lay and clergy candidates to stand for election at Diocesan Convention 2014.  Open positions for election are listed below.


List of positions open:


Standing Committee: I Clergy, I Lay

Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits (CCCEB):  I Clergy, I Lay

Diocesan Disciplinary Board: 2 Clergy, 2 Lay

Finance: 1 Clergy, 1 Lay

General Convention: 4 Clergy, 4 Lay

Nominations:  2 Clergy, 2 Lay


Elections will be held at Convention November 15, 2014. We welcome and encourage you to participate in building and strengthening our diocese, and in representing the breadth and diversity of our many parishes and deaneries. Each of us has God-given gifts; let us offer them in service to our diocese and to one another.

Let us join together as people of faith in the vital work of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.


Yours in Christ,

The Diocesan Nominations Committee


Cordelia Biddle (chair)
Lionel Broome
Jane R. Cosby
Amanda Eiman
Daniell Hamby
Christopher Hart
Dennis Lloyd
Koshy Mathews
Chuck Messer
Janet Ross
Laurie Weber


Committees currently in need of nominations are:

Commission on Clergy and Employee Benefits CCCEB

Deputies to General Convention

Diocesan Disciplinary Board

Standing Committee


Nominations Committee (see below)

Nominating Petition Form

Online Registration for Biographical Statement


Nominations Committee is composed of 6 Clergy for a 3-year term and 6 Lay for a 3-year term.

The Nominations Committee is a standing committee, ten to twelve members (half clergy and half lay).

1. Develop and maintain Position Descriptions for ALL non-paid positions within the Diocese – i.e., committee, commission, team or task force members

  • Initial task is to solicit, develop, format, and standardize position descriptions - from current  participants and in accordance with canons or other authorities
  • Ongoing task is annual update, maintenance and publicizing of committee/commission position descriptions 

2. Actively seek and recruit lay leaders and clergy for involvement in Diocesan ministry

  • Gather CV’s and/or “Biographical Statements”
  • Do a little show & tell at plenary meetings

3. Communicate

  • Develop and maintain a “positions open” on Diocesan web site
  • Periodically distribute “bulletin ready” ads for congregational use
  • Specify how committee/commission positions are filled – by appointment, election, etc.

4. Nominate: this varies depending upon how positions are filled

  • Prepare a slate for Convention and making the information on
  • Recommend names to Bishop to fill open positions
  • Recommend names to committee/commission chair persons and/or staff to fill open positions

The Nominating Committee is committed to creating a transparent process by which we create a diverse and representative slate for the vote at each Convention. To that end, we will be continue working in 2013 to find and create new ways to communicate the job description, necessary skills/experience, and processes by which each commission and committee are staffed.

Knowledge of diocesan committees and commissions is helpful but not necessary. Commitment to an open and inclusive diocesan election process are necessary. Patience and persistence are important.

The ideal member of the Nominating Committee would have a general working knowledge of diocesan functioning. He or she must also be able to work with

  • The Bishop
  • The Council of Deans
  • Canon for Deployment (new clergy, “fresh start”)
  • Anti-Racism Commission
  • Diocesan Staff
  • Chair persons of all Diocesan committees, commissions, teams, and task forces

Much of our work is conducted via email. The committee meets monthly from March through June. Bi-monthly meetings may be held to complete the slate by the late summer/early fall deadline.

MEMBERS and Deaneries represented 2014

Clergy:  Amanda Eiman, Merion; Daniell Hamby, Bucks; Koshy Matthews, Valley Forge; Dennis Lloyd, Merion

Lay:   Cordelia Biddle (chair), Southwark; Jane Cosby, Wissahickon; Lionel Broome, Wissahickon; Chuck Messer; Janet Ross, Delaware;  Laurie Weber, Delaware; Christopher Hart, Merion

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