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The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania's Archives are home to a vast array of material relating to the people and parishes comprising the Diocese as well as the Diocese itself. Within its stacks are material relating to parishes that have closed, the registers, the vestry minutes as well as documents making up the life of these churches which are no longer with us. We also hold a large volume of histories, both at the parish level comprising both active and closed parishes, as well as histories of the diocese and its various organizations.


  The Archives also holds a large volume of material related to those committed to running the Diocese. There are records from the various Bishops, Standing Committee and General Conventions, to better understand the direction we have come from. There are also various print runs of the publications the Diocese has put out as well including a long run of the Church News.


  The Archives is open to the public by appointment only. Small amounts of research can be conducted by the staff for a nominal fee. For more information please contact the archivist, Peter Moak at the following address:


Peter Moak

Diocesan Archivist

Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania Archives

Lutheran Theological Seminary

7301 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19119-1794


By Email:

By Phone: 267-575-8958


Diocesan History Committee

Chair: William W. Cutler, III


The diocesan History Committee is doing an oral history project. Sixteen interviews have been completed to date.  The interviewees are of the Rt. Reverend Allen L. Bartlett, Jr., the Reverend Rodger C. Broadley, Ms. Shirley Gracie, the Reverend Donald Graff, the Most Reverend Frank T. Griswold, III, the Rt. Reverend Barbara C. Harris, Mr. John L. Harrison, Jr., Esq., the Reverend Thomas L. McClellan, the Reverend John Midwood, the Venerable Dr. Pamela Nesbit, the Reverend Ann Robb Smith, Charles and “Pooh” Ritchie, the Reverend James A. Trimble, the Reverend Daniel B. Stevick, Ms. Helen White, and Ms. Nokomis Wood.  In addition, the collection contains a transcript of a symposium on the ceremony that ordained the first women priests whose speakers were: the Reverend Stephen Billings, the Reverend Donald Graff, the Reverend Neale Secor, Mr. Kemah Washington, and Ms. Nokomis Wood, all of whom were present at the Church of the Advocate on July 29, 1974..

More information can be found on the Oral History Project Page, including a clip of an exchange between the interviewer, William Cutler, and The Reverend D. Stevick about a meeting called by Bishop Hart in 1963 to discuss race and civil rights in the diocese.  Hart considered the topic to be so controversial that he held this meeting in Connecticut.  Follow the link below to hear the story of this meeting as told by Rev. Stevick. 

Link to Diocesan Oral History Project Page


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