A Letter from Bishop Daniel...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I write now to tell you that I have informed the Standing Committee of my decision to call for the election of a Bishop Diocesan. My intention is to resign as Bishop Provisional upon the ordination and consecration of my successor. 

This will initiate a process coordinated buy the Standing Committee that will include forming a search committee, establishing a process for nominations, and coordination with the Rt. Rev. F. Clayyton Matthews, the Bishop for the Office of Pastoral Development of the Episcopal Church.

The Standing Committee is solely responsible for the process and any questions that you have about nominations and procedure should be directed to them.

I am honored to serve as your Bishop and will continue to support our Diocese and the Standing Committee in their important work going forward.  Please keep them in your prayers as we enter into this time of transition into a new Episcopacy.


Yours in faith,

Bishop Daniel

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